Unique Eye-glasses!

We are excited to unveil a truly unique collection of hand made Italian frames from designer Pierro Massaro.
When you look at glasses a lot, which we do, you realise how many people own EXACTLY the same frames!
With Pierro Massaro, only 100 of each frame design is produced and each frame is individually numbered. There is amazing technology in the screw-less hinge which allows you to change the colour of the arms if you so wish. Your Pierro Massaro glasses will be as unique and individual as you are!
The amazing thing about Pierro Massaro frames is that they have bright and interesting colours, yet they are ‘easy’ to wear. The secret is rhodo├»d – a plastic material which comes from plant matter, not petrol, and allows amazing colour with a magical transparency.
These glasses need to be tried on… then tried on again in a different light… to be truly appreciated. You can try them on at Grey St. Optician, book a frame consultation with us today!