Our new look store is fully up and running. If you haven’t been in yet, here’s a sneak peek inside!

The first thing people say, after “wow”, is that it feels a lot bigger!

All new interior


awesome shop
Looking back into the store and the historic Central Arcade


Despite the spacious feel, we have more frames in stock than ever before; almost a thousand pairs of amazing glasses in fact. That sounds like a lot to try on! To make it easier for you, we have a team of dedicated eyewear nuts, all with an encyclopedic knowledge of frames, sizes and colours who can help you out. You show us the styles you like from our display gallery, we’ll show you a host of similar options (and maybe some that are a little different) to help you find the perfect frame (or frames) for you! Our large central table is where the magic happens, usually over a glass of beer or a good cup of coffee.

We would be delighted if you come in to visit our all-new store. We are in the same place at the top of Grey Street.

To get the full Grey St. experience it is best to book in a frame consultation. They are FREE and there is no obligation to buy. We love what we do!