Oscar Mamooi

We recently travelled to Paris in search of new and breathtaking eyewear design. We found it in OSCAR MAMOOI…

Oscar Mamooi is a multi-faceted Italian designer/stylist and illustrator with a flare for the avant-garde. He launched his first fearless eyewear collection in 2020.

Meeting Oscar

Team GSO have had our eyes on Oscar’s creations since then, and we leapt at the chance to meet Oscar and experience his incredible collection first-hand. We had to have it, and now you can have it too!

Team GSO with Oscar Mamooi

Watch our reel for a sneak peek of the collection:

Discovering Oscar Mamooi

The Collection

The collection celebrates the connection between humankind and nature. The asymmetric natural beauty of the human face is mirrored in the the raw beauty of the earth’s surfaces. This raw beauty is replicated is Oscar’s designs and production processes -He uses a process known as hot pressing; creating unique moulds for each part of the frame. “These parts are then compressed to create the acetate, giving life to surprising volume effects,” says Mamooi.

Each piece is produced in Venice in small batches. The frames are limited and numbered, making them a true collector’s item.

Oscar draws inspiration from glacial Iceland, molten Volcanos and the fluidity of fictional island Atlantis. The bold structural formations are paired with a dazzling colour palette unlike anything else.

These frames are perfect for those who dare to stand out. We think you’re really going to love them as much as we do.

Oscar Mamooi

This outstanding collection is available at Grey St. Optician NOW. To be one of the first to see it, get in touch to arrange an appointment. We don’t expect these frames to hang around for long!