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If you’re a follower of our socials, you’ve probably spotted our NEFempowerment interview! NEFempowerment is a creative corner of the internet dedicated to showcasing the inspiring people and businesses of the North East of England. It’s an honour to say that we’ve been included in that list!

NeFe shares our belief in the importance of community, and we really couldn’t be in better company.

Creator Charlotte has previously featured local entrepeneurs such as Sarah Taylor, founder of vegan skincare line Pajoma, and barista cafe owner Jo Peel of Regular Jo’s Coffee (both of whom just to happen to be friends of GSO too!)

As well as interviews with some fascinating folk, the site also features local guides on everything from the best brunch spots to smallbiz stocking fillers. NeFempowerment is our go-to blog for all things NE so when Charlotte reached out about our own feature we were thrilled!

Everyone who knows our team knows we’re an opinionated bunch with plenty to say! We decided we couldn’t just hear from one member of team GSO, so we got together and shared out the questions equally…

Charlotte asked us about our business approach, our brands, and our challenges and achievements. She also asked us what we love about the north east (hint: the people and the pastries!)

Finally we chatted about equality, community and how that links into everything we do here at Grey St. Optician.

The interview

Here’s a sneak peek:

NEFE: What is Grey St. Optician?
Nic: Grey St. optician is a glasses store with a difference. We have been sharing our passion for amazing eyewear in the centre of Newcastle since 2007

NEFE: What do you love most about living and working in the North East?
Frederike: There’s a good vibe in Newcastle at the moment with lots of cool, independent stores and of course the people are so friendly!

NEFE: Why is community so important to you?
Laura: We seek out brands who share our values and introduce their work t the people of the north east. The frames we sell are unique. We often hear of customers spotting each other “that looks like a Grey St. frame!” It inspires a little connection

NEFE: What does your average day look like?
Becks: No day is average at Grey St! We sprinkle fun, joy and passion into everything we do. We are a team of busy bees who like to do things differently.

To read the feature in full, click here:

NeFempowerment chats to Grey St. Optician

And we can confirm, Ruth does indeed say “lush” all the time! Honestly we think it sounds better in her Glaswegian accent!