Mr. Leight

Mr. Leight:

Here’s the low-down:

Larry Leight founded Oliver Peoples in Los Angeles in 1986.

His son, Garrett, founded GLCO: Garrett Leight California Optical in 2010.

Now, the head honchos of two of Grey St. Optician’s most popular eyewear brands, have collaborated to create ‘Mr. Leight’

Garrett and Larry want to keep their new brand super exclusive… They have hand-picked 72 stockists worldwide to debut the collection; 54 of those are in Europe, just 4 are in the UK, 1 of which is on Grey Street in Newcastle!

The Mr. Leight frames have just arrived at Grey St. Optician. Hurry in to view them before anyone else!


Mr. Leight Preview Event in Paris

On a very rainy September evening we were invited to a chic Parisian apartment on Rue d’Alesia, for a special preview event of the Mr. Leight collection…

Mr. Leight Preview Event in Paris

Once inside we were lucky enough to meet with Larry, Garrett, and the rest of the team who introduced us to their creative concept over a signature cocktail. Getting to party with such legends of the Eyewear world was amazing; their shared passion is undeniable, and we were blown away by the frames. We knew that we had to bring them back to Grey Street!

Signature cocktails!