It’s been a whirlwind few weeks for the Grey St. Gang! Now back from Mido global eyewear trade show in Milan, let’s catch up with Rachel and Laura, and see what’s new for SS2019…

So girls, how was your trip to Milan?

Laura: It was amazing! Totally exhausting but worth it.

Rachel: Yeah – five airports, three flights and a train – but two amazing days at the show!

Laura: We had only had one night in Milan but we managed to find gluten free pizza for Rachel! And we found time for a couple of cocktails too…

Mido fun!

And what about the show itself? Did you find plenty of amazing eyewear too?

Rachel: Oh yes. The new collections are already starting to arrive and they’re awesome. We’re so excited to share them with everyone.

Laura: This is a really exciting time for eyewear – There’s such a broad spectrum of design out there.  Eyewear is so personal, and every person is so different. It’s great to be able to represent that in our collection.

Rachel: We’ve noticed a shift towards more unexpected shapes. Frames aren’t simply “round” or “square” any more. And it’s the same with materials too… We’re seeing more combinations now – vintage acetate details on metal rims, and the addition of metal nosepads onto plastic frames.

Laura: Shapes are more playful now; circles within squares, quirky geometric details, and quite a few hexagonal frames too!

Rachel: We’ve also brought back some very interesting limited-edition collaborations.

What are your predictions for eyewear trends in 2019?

Rachel: There’s definitely a seventies vibe going on right now… We can see that in the oversized shapes and also in the colours.

Laura: Yes, we especially saw a lot of peach tones, in optical and sunglass styles. There was a lot of cream and off-white too… Great for spring and flattering on so many skin tones.

Rachel: People are either going more and more minimal, or bolder than ever before.

Laura: Minimalist or Maximalist – there is no in-between!!