Back in February, Rach went out on an eyewear expedition. We had heard exciting things about an up-and-coming collection; Lowercase NYC.

Lowercase NYC are the first eyewear collection to be designed and manufactured in Brooklyn. We wanted to know what all the buzz was about, so Rach headed stateside to see for herself!

Rach at Brooklyn Army Terminal, NYC

Built in 1919, the Brooklyn Army Terminal housed the largest US military supply base during WWII. Today, it’s been repurposed for manufacturing and industrial use. Lowercase NYC work alongside other New York City-based makers, artists, and manufacturers. Each frame is a piece of New York, inspired by the people, culture, and history of the city.

The team took Rach on a tour of their Brooklyn workshop, and showed her how their frames are designed and produced. She was so impressed by them, that she decided to bring the collection back to Grey St.

We’re now the first and only stockist of Lowercase NYC in Europe!

The beauty and quality of Lowercase NYC needs to be seen to be believed. Get in touch for the chance to see a piece of New York for yourself!