Talk Talk

There has been a lot of talk about it. Serious discussions, heated conversation, and occasionally an admiring chat with some slight banter about it around the coffee machine. But now it’s here. Matali Crasset’s third eyewear family with THEO. She calls it Dialogues

Theo exchange

Ping Pong

You know how it works. You say something (funny of course). Your friend on the other side of the table picks up on it and adds their two cents. You ping, they pong. Each ping influences the next pong. Before you know it, you have a great conversation that challenges you with new points of view, that surprises you with different insights, and forces you to rethink who you are.



That is what Matali sat down for: an interesting dialogue between the two basic shapes in eyewear. One is the archetypal form for lenses, the second is an expansion she laid around it. She had both forms ping-pong and shape-shift and the result is an eyewear family that challenges you to change your individuality!

A little less conversation…

There was little discussion required when we sat down with THEO to view this amazing new collection.  We couldn’t wait to bring them back to the GREY ST. shelves!


Learn more…

To learn more about Theo, you can visit Theo’s rather dazzling website Or come and have a conversation with one of our frame specialists!