Going Green

Bio Active Collection – GLCO

Garrett Leight is going green! Look out for the green BIO label on the arm. This means your frame is made with an innovative, sustainable material – a bio-acetate that is bio-based and biodegradable.


going green



Bio-acetate is made from renewable resources present in nature, it is derived from partial plant matter and is recyclable, biodegradable and eco-friendly.


Going Green

Biodegradable and Compostable

Being classed as biodegradable means the material has to exceed 90% bio-degradation in 6months (it reaches this figure in under 115days). It is considered compostable which means it has no negative impact on the plants.

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It’s not just the frames which are going green! The cleaning cloth is made from 80% recycled plastic bottles, the case uses animal free suade and the case wrapper is made from FSC-certified recycled paper.