Eye Test

At Grey St. Optician, we are focused on delivering exceptional eye care. What is special about a Grey St. Optician eye examination?

Continuity of care

All examinations are undertaken by fully qualified optometrists, Nic Rayner and Tim Dowling. You can be seen by the same optician every time!

State-of-the-art testing equipment

Retinal photography and automated eye testing equipment ensures a more comprehensive examination and a precise result.

30-45 minute examination time

Our longer appointment time gives us opportunity to thoroughly check the health of your eyes and clearly explain the results of the examination.

Personal recommendations

Whether it’s a VDU eye test, first time varifocals, contact lenses, laser eye surgery, sports vision, glaucoma, diabetes, cataract or children’s eye-care, we offer advice specific to your individual eye-care needs.

Everyone should have an eye examination at least every two years*, yet according to the Eyecare Trust, 20 million Brits risk avoidable sight loss because they fail to have regular eye examinations.Our advice is… don’t be one of them

* Recalls can be sooner as advised by your optometrist or if you qualify for an NHS and Children’s eye care