A Re-Discovery of Futurism

The artistic and social movement of Futurism celebrated originality and rejected tradition.
The Futurists practiced in every medium of art, including painting, sculpture, graphic design, interior design, film, fashion, literature, music and architecture.

Dance Hall Scene c.1913-4 Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson

The movement of Futurism was founded in Milan in February 1909 by the Italian poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti.
Controversial and multifaceted, Futurism represented Italy’s most significant contribution to European Modernism. The movement finally lost momentum with the death of Marinetti in 1944.

He seems like quite a guy…

Although the movement was short-lived, it went on to influence surrealism, expressionism and art deco.

Exactly 110 years later, Futurism was rediscovered. This time, in the form of Eyewear…

In February this year we traveled to the birthplace of Futurism for Mido Eyewear Show, Milan. It was here that we discovered The Futurist Collection by Anne et Valentin.

Over the past few years we’ve seen a shift back to more nostalgic frame styles. Traditional silhouettes, colours and materials have dominated the trends. Even the innovators have been influenced by the past.

Anne et Valentin are taking things in a whole new direction with their Futurist Collection. The frames are multidimensional. The colours are vivid. Striking contrasts and repeating laser patterns create deconstructed structure.

The Futurist Collection is made of three striking shapes: Neon, New Wave and Night Call. Each model is imaginative, exciting, and maybe a little excessive. The perfect addition to any eyewear enthustiast’s collection!

“If Giorgio Moroder were to put a ring on Kraftwerk’s finger in a virtual cathedral illuminated by the rays of a green sun seeping through the pixelated stained glass windows in a remake of Enter The Void in 2035, their children would be FUTURIST.” Anne et Valentin

It’s all in the Details…

A Closer Look at the Artistry of Jacques Marie Mage

Jerome Jacques Marie Mage is a designer with a unique sense of quality, sophistication and style. He’s inspired by art, history and culture. Jacques Marie Mage pairs these interests with the most innovative production processes to create a product that is distinctly elegant. Each JMM is a collectible; produced in artisinal batches of between 200 – 450 worldwide.

The Jacques Marie Mage collection is formed of three families: Circa, Vanguard and Vu…

The Circa Collection

The Circa Collection is manufactured in Japan using a combination of traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology. It features a range of rare subtleties which represent the identity of JMM…

The Arrowhead

JMM’s custom signature arrowhead hardwear is a nod to the timeless projectile point used throughout human civilisation. It represents technical innovation and historical craftsmanship.

Custom Rivets

Spur-shaped hardware rivets made from either sterling silver or 18k gold. These details adorn the Circa Collection stems. They are designed to illustrate the classic 8-toothed horserider’s spur, a symbol of perseverance and drive.

Dome Logo

The domed metal logo can be found on the inside temple of each frame. The Coat of Arms design represents a spectrum of cross cultural affinities from the French First Empire to the American West. It is in the style of French First Empire cameo jewellery.

The Vanguard Collection

The Vanguard Collection is handcrafted in Valdobbiadene, Italy. Here JMM have developed unique acetate lamination methods. These techniques allow material combinations, sculptural temple designs and vibrant color combinations never before seen in the eyewear world.

The Vu Collection

Comfort born of Precision, Beauty born of Balance. The VU Collection is crafted from especially thick 12 mm blocks of Japanese acetate that are sculpted and hollowed to create an ultra-light and slender front piece. This is paired with signature temple construction; an advanced blend of pure titanium and Beta titanium. These details give the frame strength, balance, and a distinctly refined aesthetic. The JMM temple is finished with a hand-painted burgundy temple tip using Japanese enamel.

The resulting collection is balanced, refined, and available at the finest retailers across the world. To own a pair of Jacques Marie Mage spectacles is to own a true work of art.

For a chance to view this exquisite collection, arrange a frame consultation today.

Big Birthday Frame Blitz

40 at 40

Three cheers for Nic who turns 40 this week! He’s celebrating with a well-earned holiday in Geneva.

The boss might be away but it’s all systems go here on Grey St…

We’re having a big birthday frame blitz until Friday 2nd August. For 1 WEEK ONLY, all frames and sunglasses are up to 40% off!

Nic and Nancy sporting sunnies in Geneva!

The Birthday frame blitz includes optical and sun styles from Grey St. favourites Theo, Anne et Valentin, Mykita and Garrett Leight. Now is the perfect time to treat yourself to a new style, like Nic and his new frames…

The birthday boy in JMM!

For the full experience, we recommend a GREY ST. frame consultation. Book in today!

Don’t slip up and miss out!


Back in February, Rach went out on an eyewear expedition. We had heard exciting things about an up-and-coming collection; Lowercase NYC.

Lowercase NYC are the first eyewear collection to be designed and manufactured in Brooklyn. We wanted to know what all the buzz was about, so Rach headed stateside to see for herself!

Rach at Brooklyn Army Terminal, NYC

Built in 1919, the Brooklyn Army Terminal housed the largest US military supply base during WWII. Today, it’s been repurposed for manufacturing and industrial use. Lowercase NYC work alongside other New York City-based makers, artists, and manufacturers. Each frame is a piece of New York, inspired by the people, culture, and history of the city.

NYC skyline

The team took Rach on a tour of their Brooklyn workshop, and showed her how their frames are designed and produced. She was so impressed by them, that she decided to bring the collection back to Grey St.

We’re now the first and only stockist of Lowercase NYC in Europe!

The beauty and quality of Lowercase NYC needs to be seen to be believed. Get in touch for the chance to see a piece of New York for yourself!


Trunk Show

MYKITA Trunk Show

Thanks to all who attended our MYKITA Day Trunk Show. We had a blast!

MYKITA Day Trunk Show

It was great to see so many familiar faces, and some new ones too!

We had rather a lot of frames here! It’s nice to see all of the colours in all of the styles in one place at one time.

But, don’t worry if you missed out! We have carefully handpicked our favourites from the collection. A rather large number of brand new Mykita frames are winging their way to Grey Street right now!

Grey St. Optician is an exclusive stockist of Mykita and many other leading independent eyewear brands. We get excited about eyewear and we think you will too! Come and see us for a no obligation frame consultation to learn more…


MYKITA in the Haus:

German eyewear gurus MYKITA will be taking over Grey St. Optician THIS THURSDAY 25th APRIL from 1pm to 7pm.
Every MYKITA frame and sunglass will be in store, including new and unseen stock, special editions and collaboration pieces. There’s no obligation to buy a frame, but we’re pretty sure you’ll find something you love…
Our friends at Tokai are backing the event with HALF PRICE LENSES for any frames bought on the day!
We have limited time slots available so please register your interest ASAP by emailing: hello@greyst.co.uk

Thursday 25th April

What to expect at MYKITA Day…

Please allow at least 40 minutes for one of our frame specialists to talk you through the frames over a German beer or a glass of wine.
There is an eclectic mix of frame styles with everything covered; minimalist, retro, bold frames, quirky limited editions and stunning sunglasses. All are handcrafted in their Modern Manufactory in Berlin. It will be friendly and relaxed afternoon and you are welcome to just come and take a look!
We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Mykita Day

Easter hours

Easter weekend

The sun will be shining for Easter weekend! If you need some amazing new sunglasses for 2019, here’s our all important opening hours:

Good Friday: 11.30am to 4pm,

Saturday 20th April: 9.30am to 5.30pm

Sunday: CLOSED

Easter Monday: CLOSED

Up your sunglass game!

Grey St. Sunglasses

Following our recent endeavors in Milan and New York, our 2019 sunglass collection is better than ever before! We have some great new brands and styles to show you by cool, independent eye-wear companies from around the world.  If you want something a little different to the mainstream brands found at the airport, this is the place to come:


The new-look Grey St. Optician







New York New York

No Apologies for being Independent

Fresh from our trip to Milan last month we got an unexpected bonus… The largest eyewear exhibition in New York was looking for a top UK practice to travel across the pond to see how they do eyewear, stateside. How could we refuse?!

How could we refuse?!

Lofty ambitions

The New York eyewear scene..

…is certainly thriving. We had lot’s of fun exploring the Loft and met lot’s of great characters, with great glasses!

bold eyewear
Bold is beautiful!

New eyewear for Grey Street?

We couldn’t possibly come away empty handed! There are some amazing frames winging their way to the Grey Street shelves. Independent eyewear, handmade in New York and never before seen in a UK opticians… we can’t wait!!! We’ll keep you posted when they land!

We took a day trip to a Brooklyn factory to watch the frame making process! This is the frames getting polished up in a tumbler, ready for action.






Mido catch up

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks for the Grey St. Gang! Now back from Mido global eyewear trade show in Milan, let’s catch up with Rachel and Laura, and see what’s new for SS2019…

So girls, how was your trip to Milan?

Laura: It was amazing! Totally exhausting but worth it.

Rachel: Yeah – five airports, three flights and a train – but two amazing days at the show!

Laura: We had only had one night in Milan but we managed to find gluten free pizza for Rachel! And we found time for a couple of cocktails too…

Mido fun!

And what about the show itself? Did you find plenty of amazing eyewear too?

Rachel: Oh yes. The new collections are already starting to arrive and they’re awesome. We’re so excited to share them with everyone.

Laura: This is a really exciting time for eyewear – There’s such a broad spectrum of design out there.  Eyewear is so personal, and every person is so different. It’s great to be able to represent that in our collection.

Rachel: We’ve noticed a shift towards more unexpected shapes. Frames aren’t simply “round” or “square” any more. And it’s the same with materials too… We’re seeing more combinations now – vintage acetate details on metal rims, and the addition of metal nosepads onto plastic frames.

Laura: Shapes are more playful now; circles within squares, quirky geometric details, and quite a few hexagonal frames too!

Rachel: We’ve also brought back some very interesting limited-edition collaborations.

What are your predictions for eyewear trends in 2019?

Rachel: There’s definitely a seventies vibe going on right now… We can see that in the oversized shapes and also in the colours.

Laura: Yes, we especially saw a lot of peach tones, in optical and sunglass styles. There was a lot of cream and off-white too… Great for spring and flattering on so many skin tones.

Rachel: People are either going more and more minimal, or bolder than ever before.

Laura: Minimalist or Maximalist – there is no in-between!!

MILAN 2019! The hunt for amazing eyewear…

It’s a tough job

…but someone’s got to do it! The never-ending search for amazing eyewear continued in Milan this week. Laura and Rachel  were the lucky ladies to make the trip.


Out and about in Milano


The work bit…

The trip was centered around the largest international trade show dedicated to the optical sector, MIDO. With over 1200 exhibitors and countless amazing frames to try on, there was much for the girls to get their teeth into!


Eyewear Milan
Fun at the fair…


So what’s new?

We will chat to Laura and Rachel next week for the low down on the latest colours, shapes and styles emerging in 2019. Look out for our next blog post!


New frames in store!

After a flying start to life in our new look store we had a problem… Our frames drawers were emptying rapidly!

Fear not, we have lots of new and exciting frames arriving as we speak!

New frames
New frames arriving!

We have new frames from Ahlem, Maison Margiela and Dita to name but a few!

More details will follow next week but they are in store NOW! Including some new and very special eyewear from across the pond!

To be first to view them, we recommend a no obligation frame consultation. We love them and can’t wait to show you the latest and greatest independent eyewear the world has to offer!

New frames
Beautiful new frames arriving now!


2019 is here! January Sale NOW ON!!!!

2018 – What a year it was!

A year ago we said we had some exciting plans, and 2018 sure was exciting! Thanks to our loyal clients who travelled with us into our new chapter, and to all of our new friends we made this year too. We’ve ended 2018 on an absolute high and cannot wait to see what 2019 brings…

January Sale

2019 January Sale NOW ON!

Here’s how it goes:

Buy 1 frame and get £60 off.

Buy 2 frames and get £160 off.

Buy 3 frames and get £300 off.

We have some “double discount” frames which are an incredible bargain. Hurry while stocks last!



Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings

…from all of the team at Grey St. Optician!

seasons greetings


Thanks to our our amazing customers for a fantastic year. 2018 was a busy one! We had frame hunting trips to London and Paris, Rachel’s wedding and then a full refurbishment of our store! The feedback to our shop fit has been overwhelming so thank you for your kind words. An extra shout out to those who brought us lovely Christmas cards and gifts. We have all enjoyed our fair share of chocolate and biscuits over the past few weeks!

That’s us for 2018, we’ll be back open on Wednesday 2nd January raring to go again!

season's greetings

That’s a wrap folks!

Christmas Gifts!

Getting Festive…

Grey Street is buzzing with the Christmas market, the all new Grey St. Optician and our new neighbours The Naked Deli! Come along and join the fun!


Grey St. Christmas voucher


Christmas Gifts


Stuck for Christmas gifts this year? What better way to treat a loved one than some spectacular new eyewear! It’s pretty hard to pick someone a frame… but a bespoke Grey St. voucher might just do the trick! Ping us an email to hello@greyst.co.uk if you’re interested and we will tell you more!



Festive Opening Hours


We close for Christmas at 5.30pm on Saturday 22nd December.

In Christmas week, we are open Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th December (usual hours).

We re-open for 2019 on Wednesday 2nd Jan at 9.30am.


We hope you all have a fantastic time!

5 years in the UK!

Today marks 5 years in the UK for our Dutch superstar Frederike. She followed her heart to the north east of England and has never looked back… apart from waving off her friends on the Amsterdam ferry!

5 years

So Frederike, having worked in some top eyewear establishments in Amsterdam and London, how does life in Newcastle compare?

The biggest difference I notice here is how friendly everyone is. The Grey St. clients have welcomed me with open arms and are really fun to choose glasses with. My Geordie accent is improving all the time!

How does it differ from an opticians in Amsterdam?

I was already familiar with many top brands, such as Theo and Dita,  from my work in Amsterdam, but Grey St. Optician have brought all these brands together. It’s great to work with such an eclectic range of frames. I’m also involved in selecting the frames for our collection, which I love. 


Frederike doing her thing at an international trade show in Paris


Things have changed a lot since you joined our team… How are you finding the new look Grey St. Optician?

It’s amazing! The whole team were involved in the design process so it really feels like it represents “us”.  

It’s so different from the way it was before… I think the only thing that’s stayed the same is my colleagues, which is good because I love working with them. 

My favourite part of the new shop is the big, central table where we do our frame-styling. It’s a very social space and makes choosing the frames feel very personal. I love getting to know all of our amazing clients! 

5 years
Having a laugh


Frederike will be heading back to Amsterdam on 20th December to visit her family for Christmas so please call in before then to see her!


Take a look inside!

Our new look store is fully up and running. If you haven’t been in yet, here’s a sneak peek inside!

The first thing people say, after “wow”, is that it feels a lot bigger!

All new interior


awesome shop
Looking back into the store and the historic Central Arcade


Despite the spacious feel, we have more frames in stock than ever before; almost a thousand pairs of amazing glasses in fact. That sounds like a lot to try on! To make it easier for you, we have a team of dedicated eyewear nuts, all with an encyclopedic knowledge of frames, sizes and colours who can help you out. You show us the styles you like from our display gallery, we’ll show you a host of similar options (and maybe some that are a little different) to help you find the perfect frame (or frames) for you! Our large central table is where the magic happens, usually over a glass of beer or a good cup of coffee.

We would be delighted if you come in to visit our all-new store. We are in the same place at the top of Grey Street.

To get the full Grey St. experience it is best to book in a frame consultation. They are FREE and there is no obligation to buy. We love what we do!

Here it is… the All New Grey St. Optician

We are proud to unveil the all new Grey St. Optician! It’s been a tough few weeks but we’re delighted with the end result and can’t wait to show you around.

It’s the same business, the same staff and the same location, just an all new look… and some exciting new frames!

The aim was to restore the original features of this amazing Georgian building, with the high ceiling and huge windows into the historic Central Arcade taking prominence. We also discovered a few interesting features that we weren’t expecting! More about that later…

Here’s some pics of the work in progress:


Rip out commences…



all new
Bare bones



Laser guided



Finishing touches


The work is now complete and the dust has (just about) settled. Come and take a look at the all new Grey St. Optician!

Shop Fit Time

Our shop fit is finally upon us!

The plans look great and we can’t wait to show you the all new Grey St. Optician!

To make the magic happen we need to CLOSE from Monday 15th October to Thursday 25th October.

We won’t be able to offer eye exams during this period so if you need a test or new glasses, be sure to book in quick! We have allowed extra clinic space this week (which is filling up fast!) and have extended our California Dreaming offer until the shop fit commences.

Existing orders

Don’t worry, we will still be around throughout the shop fit! We will answer phone calls and emails as normal and you can collect your glasses and contact lenses from our temporary hangout nearby. Details will follow next week…

shop fit
Time for a change!



We had hoped to do the shop fit for our store’s 10th birthday but now it is our 11th! Time flies when you are trying to negotiate a new lease!! Fortunately the lease is all sorted now so we’ll be here for at least another ten years! Hooray!

‘California Dreaming’ – Our late summer spectacular begins today!

The endless summer of 2018 continues with our California Dreaming late summer spectacular! Get a taste of the Golden State with up to 50% off California’s finest eye-wear brands!
Always wanted that preppy Oliver Peoples frame? How about Garrett Leight’s effortlessly cool frames, clips and shades?
And it’s not all about laid-back vibes on the West Coast…
The elegant luxury of Dita’s eyewear is also designed in the heart of California.
Come along to take a look and you could be California dreaming, too!


After launching with just 4 frames in Venice Beach in 2011, Garrett Leight California Optical are on a rapid upward trajectory. Now they rub shoulders with the leading independent eye-wear brands on the planet. Grey St. Optician was one of the first GLCO stockists and it has been a pleasure to share the journey with them.

Each frame is named after a Venice street and embossed with VC/CA90291. They are influenced and inspired by the people, places and stories of California. With effortless cool, they perfectly encapsulate the West coast vibe… and we love it!


Garrett Leight
West coast cool with GLCO


Oliver Peoples:

Each Oliver Peoples frame is inspired and created in the design studio in West Hollywood, California. Remaining true to the sophisticated, intellectual aesthetic made iconic by the brand,  tortoiseshell hues feature heavily in the collection.

Oliver Peoples
Oliver Peoples Craftmanship

Each frame is meticulously handcrafted in a dedicated factory following a process that combines both technological advancements and the human touch. A dedicated team of highly trained technicians assembles the individual frame components and hand polishes them in a process similar to fine jewelry. The result is the finely crafted eye-wear with enduring integrity and authenticity of design.



A category of one. DITA has had the unique pleasure of serving the world’s most discerning clientele. You can’t literally see the teams of designers, research and development, or the number of months it took to make a pair of DITA frames. But you will always feel its presence when you hold it in your hands. Which is why DITA’s design and manufacturing standards are regarded as the benchmark by which all other luxury eyewear brands are judged.

Dita Eyewear


California Dreaming

Whether its effortless West coast cool, classic tortoiseshell, or a little bit of luxury, the California Dreaming – late summer spectacular is sure to have something for you!








Opening Times Updated

We have updated our opening times. We are always super busy at the end of the day so we figured opening a little later would be more convenient for you all. Here’s our new opening hours:

9.30am-6pm on Mon, Tue, Wed and Friday

9.30am-7pm on Thursday

9.30-5.30pm on Saturday


Grey St. Optician