Here it is… the All New Grey St. Optician

We are proud to unveil the all new Grey St. Optician! It’s been a tough few weeks but we’re delighted with the end result and can’t wait to show you around.

It’s the same business, the same staff and the same location, just an all new look… and some exciting new frames!

The aim was to restore the original features of this amazing Georgian building, with the high ceiling and huge windows into the historic Central Arcade taking prominence. We also discovered a few interesting features that we weren’t expecting! More about that later…

Here’s some pics of the work in progress:


Rip out commences…



all new
Bare bones



Laser guided



Finishing touches


The work is now complete and the dust has (just about) settled. Come and take a look at the all new Grey St. Optician!

Shop Fit Time

Our shop fit is finally upon us!

The plans look great and we can’t wait to show you the all new Grey St. Optician!

To make the magic happen we need to CLOSE from Monday 15th October to Thursday 25th October.

We won’t be able to offer eye exams during this period so if you need a test or new glasses, be sure to book in quick! We have allowed extra clinic space this week (which is filling up fast!) and have extended our California Dreaming offer until the shop fit commences.

Existing orders

Don’t worry, we will still be around throughout the shop fit! We will answer phone calls and emails as normal and you can collect your glasses and contact lenses from our temporary hangout nearby. Details will follow next week…

shop fit
Time for a change!



We had hoped to do the shop fit for our store’s 10th birthday but now it is our 11th! Time flies when you are trying to negotiate a new lease!! Fortunately the lease is all sorted now so we’ll be here for at least another ten years! Hooray!

‘California Dreaming’ – Our late summer spectacular begins today!

The endless summer of 2018 continues with our California Dreaming late summer spectacular! Get a taste of the Golden State with up to 50% off California’s finest eye-wear brands!
Always wanted that preppy Oliver Peoples frame? How about Garrett Leight’s effortlessly cool frames, clips and shades?
And it’s not all about laid-back vibes on the West Coast…
The elegant luxury of Dita’s eyewear is also designed in the heart of California.
Come along to take a look and you could be California dreaming, too!


After launching with just 4 frames in Venice Beach in 2011, Garrett Leight California Optical are on a rapid upward trajectory. Now they rub shoulders with the leading independent eye-wear brands on the planet. Grey St. Optician was one of the first GLCO stockists and it has been a pleasure to share the journey with them.

Each frame is named after a Venice street and embossed with VC/CA90291. They are influenced and inspired by the people, places and stories of California. With effortless cool, they perfectly encapsulate the West coast vibe… and we love it!


Garrett Leight
West coast cool with GLCO


Oliver Peoples:

Each Oliver Peoples frame is inspired and created in the design studio in West Hollywood, California. Remaining true to the sophisticated, intellectual aesthetic made iconic by the brand,  tortoiseshell hues feature heavily in the collection.

Oliver Peoples
Oliver Peoples Craftmanship

Each frame is meticulously handcrafted in a dedicated factory following a process that combines both technological advancements and the human touch. A dedicated team of highly trained technicians assembles the individual frame components and hand polishes them in a process similar to fine jewelry. The result is the finely crafted eye-wear with enduring integrity and authenticity of design.



A category of one. DITA has had the unique pleasure of serving the world’s most discerning clientele. You can’t literally see the teams of designers, research and development, or the number of months it took to make a pair of DITA frames. But you will always feel its presence when you hold it in your hands. Which is why DITA’s design and manufacturing standards are regarded as the benchmark by which all other luxury eyewear brands are judged.

Dita Eyewear


California Dreaming

Whether its effortless West coast cool, classic tortoiseshell, or a little bit of luxury, the California Dreaming – late summer spectacular is sure to have something for you!




Opening Times Updated

We have updated our opening times. We are always super busy at the end of the day so we figured opening a little later would be more convenient for you all. Here’s our new opening hours:

9.30am-6pm on Mon, Tue, Wed and Friday

9.30am-7pm on Thursday

9.30-5.30pm on Saturday


Grey St. Optician



We are CLOSING AT 3PM today and racing along to Tynemouth for Rachel and Adam’s wedding!


Have a fantastic day Rachel!!!!





Grey St. Guide to Sunglasses 2018

Time for a new pair of sunnies but no idea where to start? Looking for a versatile piece for every occasion, or something new to compliment your collection?

The Grey St. Guide to Sunglasses 2018 will help you find your perfect pair of shades…

Stay Classic

If you’re looking for classic shapes, you’ve come to the right place. The Grey St. shelves are packed with P3s – that’s the preppy, almost round frames that are all the rage right now!


P3 sunglasses for 2018


Black and tortoiseshell timeless, and crystal colourways are a slick alternative but still neutral. If you’re ready for a change from acetates, try tailored metal with a brushed finish.


Mr Leight
Fine, round eye-wear is back!


If this is your style, take a look at our collections by Oliver Peoples and Garrett Leight… and ask to sneak a peek at our super-exclusive Mr Leight collection!


Think Glamour:

Nothing says glamour like a perfect Cat-eye, and this season is no different.  From subtle to striking, we’ve got it all.  You bring the sass and we’ll find your sunglass…

Anne et Valentin
Sassy sunglasses!


Squared: Wayfarers and so much more…

If there’s one thing that everyone agrees, it’s that Wayfarers are timeless, but if you prefer a more refined look there are plenty of lighter variations to choose from.
Every face suits a rectangular sunglass, and finding the right one for you is all in the detail; smooth angles are effortless, while sharp corners have an edge. Choose a keyhole bridge for vintage vibes, or a straight brow line for a contemporary touch.

Square is still cool!


And for something completely different…

Occasionally, the world’s finest sunglass designers like to let rip and create something really spectacular and unique… This year we have limited edition Mr Leight sunglasses, Mykita’s collaboration with Maison Margiela, and some mind blowing Theo’s! Hurry in for these ones, when they are gone, they are gone!


Something a little bit different!


Sunclips anyone?

Last but not least are clips, the accessory for your accessory and the no-brainer for anyone with a prescription! Bespoke sunclips can transform your eye-wear!

Mirrored Sunclips
Sunclips with a twist


Hopefully this taster guide has given you some ideas. For more inspiration on amazing sunglasses, come and pay a visit to our boutique store on Grey Street, Newcastle!

Congratulations Rachel: Dispensing Optician!

She Passed!!!

Well done to Rachel, who is now a fully qualified Dispensing Optician!

3 years of hard work have paid off as Rach passed her Dispensing Optician course with flying colours.

Dispensing Optician at work!


Rachel had already completed a BSc and Masters in forensic psychology before she saw the light. When we say the light, we mean the bright… and interesting eyewear for which she is renowned!

“I love the science and technical aspects of the job mixed with being creative and styling people to help them look and feel great


Working Holiday

Rachel is such a glasses enthusiast that she took time out on a recent holiday visit the Vinylize factory in Hungary. Now that’s dedication! Here she is with Marta in the Budapest head office:

Rach at the Vinylize factory in Budapest

Wedding Glasses

We are very excited for Rachel’s wedding later in the summer. Needless to say, she has already picked out her ‘wedding glasses’ which are embossed with her new name, ready for the big day!

So its busy times but happy times for our newly qualified Dispensing Optician.


You can book a frame consultation with Rachel via our website or by calling 0191 2605450.

SOLSTICE by Anne et Valentin – available now!

We have taken delivery of some very exciting sunglasses!

Anne et Valentin’s Eclipse collection features a subtle layering of translucent material around the body of the frame. The crystalline hues filter the light to change the apparent size, shape and colour of the frame according to the light conditions. A trompe l’oeil or magic trick, this certainly makes for a very special pair of sunglasses!

anne et valentin
Solstice by Anne et Valentin


The Solstice model, a Grey St. Optician favourite, has a rounded lens shape which magically transforms into an elegant cat-eye. Think retro, feminine, expressive and beautiful! These sunglasses MUST be tried on to be fully appreciated! You know where to find them:


Where to find Anne et Valentin Sunglasses


Grey St. Optician is an independent boutique featuring the worlds finest eyewear. If you have not been before, please come and pay us a visit – we are a friendly bunch!





Mykita Trunkshow: Thursday 3rd May 2018

Join us on Thursday to see the entire MYKITA collection. Every frame in every colour will be in store for one day only so don’t miss out!

The Mykita collection is rather large these days with frames ranging from discreet to defiant. You are sure to find frames or sunglasses that you will love!

The Grey St. gang discovered Mykita ten years ago at an international eyewear trade show. We were super impressed with their slender, stainless steel frames and no screws that could work loose. Mykita gave these subtle frames the catchy title ‘Collection No. 1‘ as there was more to come…

Collection No. 2 featured bolder acetate frames which again had screwless technology. These were later refined to feature the thin steel arms of the first collection.

Mykita MYLON

After years of development, Mykita used ground-breaking technology to produce 3D printed eyewear frames from fine powder: Mykita MYLON was born. Lightweight and tough with almost limitless design possibilities.

Mykita’s latest challenge was to re-invent rimless eyewear… We are now carrying the pure and minimalist LESSRIM collection; Ultra-fine rims surround the lenses, leaving a faintly shimmering outline. The result is a virtually translucent aesthetic – the ultimate refinement in eyewear.

Mykita’s latest collection: LESSRIM

This relentless drive to push the boundaries of eyewear production has brought Mykita a plethora of design awards. As the exclusive Mykita stockist in the North East of England it is our pleasure to bring you this award winning, cutting-edge eyewear. It would not be possible without you, our discerning clients who are prepared to try something new and different from the regular frames that are found on the high street.

Please take the opportunity to view this vast and impressive collection in its entirety – we can’t wait to introduce you. Thursday 3rd May, 1pm – 7pm

Please call or email if you would like to come along!


Happy Birthday Laura!

Laura has reached a special birthday today. While she is away celebrating I thought I would embarrass her with an old photograph and tell everyone how good she is.

Happy Birthday Laura

So, here she is ten years ago at one of our first in-store events. As our longest serving team member she has had great influence in growing our store from a new start up to a thriving independent practice. She has been a regular visitor at international trade shows curating a unique and exciting frame range for our store, very much in her image.

She won national recognition at the AOP Awards when she was voted Optical Adviser of the Year and she has not stopped there. Laura is now following up her BA Honours degree with a Dispensing Optician qualification, she is a busy girl!

Laura is much loved by our clients and her colleagues, she is a joy to work with.

We hope you have a fantastic holiday and a very happy birthday, Laura!

Much love from your colleagues at Grey St. Optician.




Weather Transitions

After snow, hail and heavy rain it’s great to see blue sky over Grey Street!

It’s time to dust off the sunglasses and put them back on your nose!

We have some amazing new sunglasses for 2018 but there are some amazing new prescription LENS options too:

We fitted this Anne et Valentin with custom-made colour changing lenses – Soft green gradient  dark grey tint. Perfect for our contrary weather!

Green graduated lens
Grey sunglass lenses


Traditional Transitions lenses, that go dark in the sun, can now turn sapphire blue or purple… as well as the classic grey, green and brown.

For driving in low sunshine, graduated polarised lenses cut out glare and look great!

We have so many options to turn your beautiful frame into an amazing and unique pair of sunglasses.

Come and see us while the sun is shining!



Mr. Leight

Mr. Leight:

Here’s the low-down:

Larry Leight founded Oliver Peoples in Los Angeles in 1986.

His son, Garrett, founded GLCO: Garrett Leight California Optical in 2010.

Now, the head honchos of two of Grey St. Optician’s most popular eyewear brands, have collaborated to create ‘Mr. Leight’

Garrett and Larry want to keep their new brand super exclusive… They have hand-picked 72 stockists worldwide to debut the collection; 54 of those are in Europe, just 4 are in the UK, 1 of which is on Grey Street in Newcastle!

The Mr. Leight frames have just arrived at Grey St. Optician. Hurry in to view them before anyone else!


Mr. Leight Preview Event in Paris

On a very rainy September evening we were invited to a chic Parisian apartment on Rue d’Alesia, for a special preview event of the Mr. Leight collection…

Mr. Leight Preview Event in Paris

Once inside we were lucky enough to meet with Larry, Garrett, and the rest of the team who introduced us to their creative concept over a signature cocktail. Getting to party with such legends of the Eyewear world was amazing; their shared passion is undeniable, and we were blown away by the frames. We knew that we had to bring them back to Grey Street!

Signature cocktails!




A QUANTUM LEAP: New brand alert no. 1

March is an exciting month at Grey St. Optician! We have not one, but two amazing new brands to introduce.. the first of these is QUANTUM.

Our good friend Henrik Ørgreen has expanded his Ørgreen Optics portfolio with a completely new concept.

Quantum, the latin word for “amount”, has its roots in physics and refers to the smallest possible discrete entity of any physical property. Ørgreen have devised a spherical component for a new hinge which is hidden in the front of the frame – now that is discrete!

The front of the frame is 3D printed polyamide, the sides are Ørgreen’s signature material, high quality Japanese titanium. The new hinge is the magic that links the two together! Here’s a video showing how:

There is a Quantum frame for everyone; the colours include vivid hues and subtle tones, the styles range from classic to contemporary. All of the frames have the unique Ørgreen quality of being understated but with attitude!


Fun at the Fair

Here’s a little throwback to October 2017 when we were the first to see prototypes of Quantum at an international trade show. As you can see the Ørgreen stand is not only popular for their fantastic eyewear but also their amazing smoking mojito’s, Salud!


Fun at the fair

At Grey St. Optician, we are committed to finding the freshest and finest independent eyewear brands on the planet. There are some AMAZING frames out there and we have so much fun curating a collection to bring back to our boutique in the centre of Newcastle. We want you to share our passion for eyewear and look forward to welcoming you to our store!





Snow on Grey Street

There is snow lying on Grey Street. If you are brave enough to head into town, we will be here waiting with a warm drink! We are open our usual hours and will update this post if there is any change. Please take care in the wild weather.


Independent Eyewear: Theo!

Roll up, roll up, new Theos are in town! The most free willed independent eyewear brand on the planet has not let us down with their latest collection. Pictured above is one of the new noodle collection, Ramen.

Theo potato acetate
New potato acetate frames by Theo Eyewear!

We have new potatoes which feature acetate fronts and Theos unique sprung arm – pictured is Kartoffel 14.

Or you can visit the stations of Helsinki, Antwerp and Grand Central!

Find out what all of this madness is about by visiting Grey St. Optician today.

Theo are independent eyewear aficionados! Their inspiration is to move away from mainstream glasses in favour of groundbreaking original designs. Good for them! We are always super excited when a new family of Theos arrive because they are so different from the last… not just for the Belgian chocolates we find in the box.

If you want to have similar frames to everybody else then Theo is NOT the brand for you!

If you love individuality, style and non-conformity then ‘Theo loves you’, and so do Grey St. Optician!



Anne et Valentin event: Sunday 4th February

Anne et Valentin are launching their new 2018 collection at an Italian trade show next week, but we have them here first… THIS Sunday.
Please join us for a special preview event and see brand new frames before anyone else!
If you love a frame on the day and
pre-order it, you will receive a complimentary ‘champagne afternoon tea for two’ with our friends at 21 (usual price £37).
PLUS… We have a selection of Anne et Valentin frames from earlier collections which will be 20% off on the day…. and you still get your 21 voucher!
If that wasn’t enough, we will have a MYSTERY BRAND on display too. A collection of rare, collectible handcrafted eyewear will be in store for one day only! We can’t give any more clues, but we can tell you they are beautiful and we can’t wait to show them to you…
Our usual Super Sunday opening hours apply: 11.30am to 4.30pm. Please call or email if you would like to come and take a look!

Thank you 😊

Grey St. Optician is an independent business, set up and run by local people with a passion for great eyewear. We have reached the milestone of our tenth year so would like to say a massive THANK YOU for your support over the years. We could not have done it without you!
We have some exciting things planned for 2018 so watch this space for further details…

Christmas Opening Hours

Merry Christmas to one and all!

If you are coming in for your eye-wear fix this Christmas period, we will be OPEN AS USUAL apart from:

Christmas Day – CLOSED

Boxing Day – CLOSED

New Years Day – CLOSED

Take a look at our posh new frame wardrobes: This is the ultimate gift for the eyewear collecting fanatic! You can also get Grey St. Optician vouchers, cleaning kits and tote bags!

Have fun, see you soon…

Grey St. Optician


Introducing…. Ahlem

Introducing Ahlem Manai-Platt. Ahlem has created a beautiful eyewear collection which we are delighted to bring to Grey Street!

A proud Parisian, Ahlem has named each frame after a famous neighbourhood or landmark in the French capital; the frame captures the feeling and colours of that particular place.
Small details mean a lot! Each frame is designed and handmade with an unrelenting attention to detail. Lightweight palladium is dipped in 3microns of gold and impeccably finished with vintage acetate temple tips. Flex hinges come with a lifetime guarantee.

We officially launch Ahlem THIS SUNDAY 3rd December as one of our Super Sunday specials, come along to be first to view these amazing frames!