About Us

Frame Specialists

At Grey St. Optician we are passionate about high quality eyewear. Our frames stand out, so we always ensure that our customer service is outstanding too. Some of our frames require expert fitting, so all of our staff have a high degree of technical knowledge.

Here’s a brief introduction to the team:


Laura Taylor

Laura wowed the AOP awards dinner with her amazing Theo glasses. She took home the coveted ‘Optical Assistant of the Year’ award so we are all very proud!


Rachel Aspinall

Rachel is our kick-boxing, coffee drinking Dispensing Optician.



Frederike Scheeve

Here is Frederike. A self confessed glasses enthusiast with a fine pedigree, having worked in some of the finest Opticians in Amsterdam. We are delighted that she has brought her global industry knowledge and infectious enthusiasm to Grey Street.


Lizzie Hogg

You will struggle to find a more diligent and conscientious optician than Lizzie. However, you may struggle to find Lizzie at the moment as she has her hands full looking after her 1 year old daughter!


Nic Rayner

Optician and driving force behind Grey St. Optician.

Interested in sports eyewear, meticulous about customer service, passionate about independent eyewear.

the store

The Shop

Our mission is to provide exciting, innovative eyewear, with outstanding customer service. Motivated by a lack of choice on the UK high street, we looked to Europe and America for inspiration… and found it in abundance!

Style through our eyes

We have handpicked a selection of the world’s most amazing eyewear for display in our boutique store in Newcastle upon Tyne. We are very proud of our store location beside Grey”s Monument in the heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

We love good design – whether classic, like our Georgian street, or contemporary and avant-garde. We incorporated this mix of tradition and innovation in our frame collection.